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How To Find A Local SEO Agency For Your Business

There is no doubt the Search Engine Optimization has taken the world of digital marketing to a whole new level. Every company wants to have their site ranking above the competition. And that means following all SEO protocol. For example, my friend ranks for Salt Lake City SEO agency they serve SEO services in Utah. I ask him a lot of questions about his experience with his agency and that gave me a lot of perspectives.

Unfortunately, achieving great SEO is not easy, though necessary. It needs a lot of work and time, which you may not have. Therefore, you need someone else to take care of it in your stead.

Some companies have in-house marketing terms that take care of their marketing goals. But they are very costly and may not be a good idea for start-ups.

You can use a local agency instead. Here is how to find the right one.

Local SEO

Step 1: Check Out the Seed List

Every working SEO agency must have a seed list. This is a collection of other agencies that are possible partners for your business.

There are many SEO agencies today, and adding one to the list does not always mean you get a quote from them. It may only be to compare.

Most businesses employ two techniques, finding an existing list of agencies or creating one based on their research. The internet is full of listings from different SEO agencies, key in “best SEO agencies,” and you get it all. If you go with option two, start with a list from someone else. Then you can track down SEO specific to your business.

Step 2: Check Out Their Website

Once you have the seed list and have shortlisted potential candidates, you can dig deeper. Start by checking out the agencies’ website. There are four main pages to consider:

  • The homepage. The first impression is crucial, and the home page says it all. The home page should be the best looking to give you that impression. From their design to the choice of graphics, you should never have any doubts.
  • About page. About page tells you everything you need to know about the agency. You may automatically head here from the home page. It carries the agencies’ portfolio.
  • Testimonial page. The agency’s experience should give you’re a clue whether they are the right ones. Consider testimonies from their customers.
  • Then look at the type of content the site posts. Blogs determine the success of a site.

Step 3: Test the Agency’s Strength

Now that you have narrowed down to a few specific ones, it is time to evaluate their strength. You do this by employing a useful tool. There are several apps for this, including Ahrefs and Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Step 4: Make Your First Contact

It is time now to hear directly from the agency. Every agency should have the contact page. Most will give you three option, to their advantage:

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • In-person meeting

This initial step is only to show your interest. It can be an excellent time to set a meeting.

Step 5: Meet the Agency

You are now ready to close a deal as per the success of your first contact. Ensure the meeting is in-person. From there, you can discuss how best they can assist you. By the way, if you are looking for an SEO company in Salt Lake City check my friends:

Google Analytics: How To Use It For Your Business

Google analytics offers the best way to know whether your digital marketing strategies are working or not. It helps one improve their approaches to have a better business.

Therefore, if you don’t know what it is, you have not yet installed or have it, but you don’t know to use it, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the basics of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Is Google Analytics Necessary?

As long as you have a website and or deal with content marketing, there are several things you should keep your taps on. Google Analytics is like a one-in-all application for your digital marketing success.

It measures your success and shows you where you need to improve. Consider these questions about your site.

  • How many visitors do you receive on your site?
  • What is the source of your live visitors?
  • Is your site mobile-friendly?
  • What external links are working for you?
  • Which strategies drive in more traffic?
  • Do you have pages that are more famous than others?
  • How many visitors buy your products per given time?
  • What is the source of your converting visitors?
  • Does your site have the right speed? If not, how do you improve it?
  • Which blogs do your visitors like the most?

These are just some of the questions that Google Analytics will help you answer. It provides an easy way to analyze the success of what you are doing.

Google Analytics is, therefore, an essential tool in your online marketing. And you must know how to use it.

How to use Google Analytics

The first thing you need is to have the application. You can do this by simply creating a Google Analytics account. If you already have a Google account, you should get the Analytics account using it. If not, you can create a new one.

Remember, your Google Analytics account is something you will keep forever, but sure to follow the logins to yourself. The last thing you want is people snooping around your site, causing potential damage.

Here are steps to use the tool:

1. Set up your account

Once you have the account ready, click on Sign in to Google Analytics. You will be prompted to follow the first three steps to set up your account.

2. Install your tracking code

Next, click on the “Get the Tracking ID” button. You will see a popup of the terms of use, which you must agree before you receive the Google Analytics Code. You will need the code for every page on your side. The type of website determines the installation.

3. Set up site search

Site search is another valuable thing to add to your account. It is easy to set up, from the top of the home page.

4. Add additional accounts and properties

You can always add a new Google Analytics account from the Admin Menu. This will help you track more work at all times.

5. Other features

Now you are ready to begin using the tool. Take note of the following:

  • View the Google Analytics Data each time you log on
  • Use standard report features to get the latest reports
  • Understand the types of Google Analytics Reports

SEO Vs. Social Media: Which One Is Suitable For Your Business

There is no denying that SEO and social media are the pillars of digital marketing. They are both essential tools that will increase your chances of success in the online world.

But the question is, which is the best between social media marketing and SEO? Many people get trapped in between.
Well, you are in the right place to find out. Continue reading.

What Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the widest online platform for socialization. It has taken the internet by storm and continues to bring the world closer together.
Social media marketing is the process of using social networks to promote products or services. You can get an internal team or use a company like DMR Agency.

Social Media Marketing

Many people think that social platforms are only for communicating with friends and families. The truth is, there is so much more.
Businesses have taken that social nature of social avenues to connect with customers is a personal level. Through them, design great content marketing plans as well as social media campaigns to promote customer engagement.

But do social media work for marketers? It is a tool worth investing in?

When it started, and in a few years that followed, marketers were not sure whether it had any effect on their strategies. But over the years, things have changed drastically.

Today, almost every human being, especially the Gen-Zees, are on the internet. There are more social channels in the world today more than ever. Social Network
Research has shown that customers that meet a brand on social media are more likely to become a buyer. Such a company needs to have a well established social presence. Your social media page serves as a direct link between you and your customer.

Besides, a customer is 70% more likely to but something from a social media posting than anywhere else.

In short, modern customers trust social media. So yes, it works better than you could have imagined.

What Is SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply a process of making a website more visible to search engines. It uses different approaches to some sites on top and other at the bottom.

By optimizing your site, you will have achieved configurations on the code of your side, its viewability, content setting, and its structure. Doing thins enable search engines to “crawl” (read) the site much easier and faster.

Search engines, like Google, use different algorithms to decide which site goes at the top. The main one is determining what customers want and giving it to them. After all, Google is a business just like the one you are running.

SEO works very well in improving your site’s rankings. And that of essence means you will see more traffic and eventually, more sales.


So which one should you go for between social media and SEO?

Well, you may have come across the statement, “social media is the new SEO.” But is it true?

Social media is both SEO and not SEO. What you need to know is, Google has been using social signals over the past few years to rank pages.
Both are important for your digital marketing strategies. A significant social presence may be just what you need to get more traffic to your website.

SEO 2020: Everything You Need To Know

SEO 2020

You are on the side if you think things are always changing in the world’s SEO. This is true, especially because Google is always looking for new ways to improve services.

What may have worked even a year ago may not be so useful today. The whole industry has fully evolved into an entirely new realm.

There are more sophisticated strategies today than ever. Organic traffic needs are not any longer the same. Things like competitor gap analysis, keyword gap analysis, and many others are all on a different level now.

In general, Google and customer demands have changed. It is, therefore, smart to be ahead of everything and set your SEO strategies right. Here are four basic things you need to know in 2020.

SEO is more critical to your business than ever

SEO for business


In the past years, talking about SEO was just taken lightly. You could do anything, and it would work for your business.

Today, customers have become smarter and more demanding. At the same time, they have become more cautious with fake products, especially on the internet.

As such, you must hold onto your tools and make your business trustworthy. Since everyone is using the internet to discover new things, you want Google’s favor as a top choice.

Strategies that have worked and will work again

In many cases, we focus on specific SEO approached daily. They include keywords & keyword targeting, search volumes behind keywords, traffic from organic search, and conversion rates for targeted keywords.

To achieve this, businesses employ actual techniques that involve on-page optimization, link building, content, and technical SEO. These techniques work for both professionals and beginners. And in 2020 more than ever, there are going to be impactful.

Keyword targeting

The first and most important thing to put in mind is topics, entities, and keywords. How you do your keyword research and how you include creatively in topics/content will define your success. Keyword targeting has majorly evolved today. It has led to the creation of pages on specific keywords as well as optimization for the keywords.

The only issue here is that keywords quickly become redundant and too repetitive. You can resolve this by looking at inter-weaved keywords in your content. Besides this, consider different types of keywords, including money keywords, head keywords, short tail, and long-tail keywords.

Beyond topics and keywords, creating high-quality content is critical. You want your customers to have something more than just your products. Your content should be well researched and helpful.

Social media SEO

Social media is an excellent tool in bringing traffic to your website. If you have not set your social presence right, perhaps it is time you think about it more carefully.

Google has become smarter

During your SEO moves, do not forget that Google is watching. As much as possible, stay in the white-hat SEO lane. You don’t want to lose everything just because you wanted things to move faster.

Final thought

SEO is important in 2020 more than ever. Every company that wished to succeed must stay ahead of the emerging trends. We hope this gets your started.