SEO 2020

You are on the side if you think things are always changing in the world’s SEO. This is true, especially because Google is always looking for new ways to improve services.

What may have worked even a year ago may not be so useful today. The whole industry has fully evolved into an entirely new realm.

There are more sophisticated strategies today than ever. Organic traffic needs are not any longer the same. Things like competitor gap analysis, keyword gap analysis, and many others are all on a different level now.

In general, Google and customer demands have changed. It is, therefore, smart to be ahead of everything and set your SEO strategies right. Here are four basic things you need to know in 2020.

SEO is more critical to your business than ever

SEO for business


In the past years, talking about SEO was just taken lightly. You could do anything, and it would work for your business.

Today, customers have become smarter and more demanding. At the same time, they have become more cautious with fake products, especially on the internet.

As such, you must hold onto your tools and make your business trustworthy. Since everyone is using the internet to discover new things, you want Google’s favor as a top choice.

Strategies that have worked and will work again

In many cases, we focus on specific SEO approached daily. They include keywords & keyword targeting, search volumes behind keywords, traffic from organic search, and conversion rates for targeted keywords.

To achieve this, businesses employ actual techniques that involve on-page optimization, link building, content, and technical SEO. These techniques work for both professionals and beginners. And in 2020 more than ever, there are going to be impactful.

Keyword targeting

The first and most important thing to put in mind is topics, entities, and keywords. How you do your keyword research and how you include creatively in topics/content will define your success. Keyword targeting has majorly evolved today. It has led to the creation of pages on specific keywords as well as optimization for the keywords.

The only issue here is that keywords quickly become redundant and too repetitive. You can resolve this by looking at inter-weaved keywords in your content. Besides this, consider different types of keywords, including money keywords, head keywords, short tail, and long-tail keywords.

Beyond topics and keywords, creating high-quality content is critical. You want your customers to have something more than just your products. Your content should be well researched and helpful.

Social media SEO

Social media is an excellent tool in bringing traffic to your website. If you have not set your social presence right, perhaps it is time you think about it more carefully.

Google has become smarter

During your SEO moves, do not forget that Google is watching. As much as possible, stay in the white-hat SEO lane. You don’t want to lose everything just because you wanted things to move faster.

Final thought

SEO is important in 2020 more than ever. Every company that wished to succeed must stay ahead of the emerging trends. We hope this gets your started.